Now Accepting Enrollment for the 2016-2017 Cotillion Season

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Frequently Asked Cotillion Questions:

The Gollatz Cotillion - The premier Cotillion in California celebrating a legacy of 85 years in the instruction of children's manners and the fourth generation of family instructors. The Gollatz Cotillion is family owned and operated.
How did I receive the Cotillion invitation? Your child's name has been personally referred to the Cotillion by either a friend or local volunteer of the Gollatz Cotillion.
Is a family required to be a member of a country club or other club organizations to join the Gollatz Cotillion? No. You do not ever have to be a member of a country club or other organization for your child to be invited and attend the Cotillion events.


What is The Gollatz Cotillion Commitment to Cotillion Families? Although "Cotillion" style dancing is certainly fun and will be a portion of the Gollatz Cotillion program, the core focus will be instruction in dining manners and social etiquette. The Gollatz Cotillion personally feels these skills are more beneficial to children and last a life time.

Does the Cotillion have a dress code? Yes. Please read our dress code policy for students and parents. The dress code is strictly enforced at all the Cotillion meetings.

Click here to read our dress Code

May I invite friends? Yes, you may invite your child's friends to the Gollatz Cotillion. Friends are a large part of the Cotillion experience and it is great fun to experience it together. Cotillion is an event where you will be among friends or make new ones.
What about siblings, guests and friends may they attend? Siblings are always welcome as well as guests that wish to observe. Please have all guests dress appropriatley. We ask that all siblings and guests must remain with an adult at all times.
What are the "Young and Polite" and the "Which Fork First" dining events? A separate "one time" dining event usually scheduled in the spring in a country club style setting. A complete dinner is served with dining skills for each child to master. Dancing is NOT a feature at the dining events. A separate registration is required.
Please click on this link if you are interested in these events<
How soon after I send my response to the office will I hear if I am a member? The office response time is usually within the week of enrollment. If a confirmation is not received via email or regular mail within 5 days please call the business office (800) 832-4574.
My child is on a waiting list, what do I do now?
  You will receive either an email or message informing you of your child's initial status upon responding to enrollment. When your child is placed or removed from the waiting list you will be contacted by the office. You may get a partner for your child of the opposite sex and same grade to join in order to maintain an even ratio or wait for the class to balance itself out with continued enrollments.
I forgot to register now what? Many times the classes are full and we cannot accept any more children, please call the office to inquire on current availability (800) 832-4574.
Payment and attendance restrictions: No refunds after 30 days of deposit. Memberships are non-transferable and are only valid for the Cotillion season listed. The Gollatz Cotillion is not responsible for a child's attendance. A declined credit card will be subject to a $10.00 service fee. A check returned for non-sufficient funds will be subject to a $25.00 service fee.
Do I remain with my child or may I drop them off? The Gollatz Cotillion prides itself on a safe environment. Many families choose to stay and share in the Cotillion experience, it is so fun to see their child transforming before their very eyes.
I would like to volunteer as a Chaperone. What are the duties? If you would like to be a Chaperone, please contact the office for the date you wish to attend (800) 832-4574. Chaperones are asked to arrive on the evening scheduled at least 15 minutes before the Cotillion commences and appropriately dressed. Upon arrival, please complete a name tag located on the reception table. You will be registering the children as they arrive by placing a "check mark" in front of the student's names as Cotillion students arrive. Please remain at the registration table (check-in) approximately 15 minutes after the Cotillion begins to accommodate any late arrivals. During the Cotillion Chaperones are asked to remain in the room and be available. At the conclusion of the Cotillion the children will shake your hand and address you by name and with a compliment. Please make certain that all children have direct eye contact with you and that the children address you correctly and clearly.
What happens if we are late to the class? Please look for either the Chaperone or one of the Cotillion Director's for a partner placement.
Are we automatically invited next year to the Cotillion? Yes.Once your family has enjoyed the Gollatz Cotillion experience your family will be placed in our data base for years to come.