2021 - 2022 Remaining Schedule of Dates for
The Altadena / Pasadena Cotillion
(Formally offered at the Altadena Town & Country Club)
Is Now Exclusively Hosted at

The La Canada Country Club

5500 Godbey Drive, La Canada 91011


                                                                                                        Presented by:
                                                 Mrs. Darcee S. Gollatz- Klapp & Mr. Wilbur P. Klapp III ~ Owners and Directors 


Arrival and Departure

Third & Fourth Grade:                      4:45pm to 5:45pm

Fifth & Sixth Grade:                            6:00pm to 7:00pm


                             ​                                              Class Fee $358.00 -

The Gollatz Cotillion is by private invitation. The program is a modern Cotillion and manners class with updated instruction to captivate a child’s attention offered to boys and girls third through ninth grade. During the Cotillion class the children are taught good table manners; learn core values and social skills. The older, advanced students are challenged with additional instruction suited to their age all in a fun atmosphere. 


The format of the Gollatz Cotillion is to mimic “real life” scenarios so a child will be prepared to attend a family dinner, a formal reception, a social gathering or just simply how to introduce themselves to someone  with confidence. The Gollatz Cotillion does not consider itself a “dance class” although Cotillion dances will be taught (swing, cha-cha, fox-trot and other fun dances) to complete the social training. Cotillion should be a training base for a child to learn and practice social skills that will benefit them their entire lifetime. Your child will enjoy and have fun at the Gollatz Cotillion! 


Listed are a Few of the Many Manners Instructed During the Season 

How to begin and continue a conversation ~ Direct eye contact while speaking to someone ~ How to write a thank you note ~ How to give a fun toast in front of a crowd ~ How to be a thoughtful guest while attending a function ~ Using a fork and knife correctly and cutting of food items  ~ How to appropriately thank someone ~ Proper sitting and standing posture ~ Learning where each food utensil is located at a place setting (simple or elegant) ~  How to hold and use each utensil.

Remaining Schedule of Dates 2021-2022

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 ~ Thank You Notes ~ While having fun, the students will learn how to write a thank you note and different ways to thank someone. Individual refreshments will be served to the registered students. *Additional instruction for the fifth and sixth grade students: how to address an envelope correctly. Cotillion attire is required.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 ~  A Fun Night in Review ~ Due to the continued Covid restrictions, the Gollatz Cotillion Team will not be able to offer Family Night as originally noted on the invitation. This event would exceed the restrictive guidelines. The Family Night will be "A Fun Night in Review" with the Cotillion students only in attendance. The appropriate Cotillion attire is required for all attendees.


                                                                         Gollatz Cotillion Season 2022 - 2023

The Gollatz Cotillion is relocating to:

The Masonic Event Center: 200 S. Euclid, Downtown Pasadena, 91101


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**The  Gollatz Cotillion can accommodate most dietary restrictions however, some dietary restrictions are life threatening. It is asked of the families with children who have severe food restrictions that you provide their personal food items as this guarantees the safety and well - being of the child. Please contact the Cotillion office to discuss accommodations. **

The Gollatz Cotillion & Manners Programs

 18500 Arrowhead Boulevard, Devore, California 92407

The Gollatz Inc. is a modern, updated “social skills” series of classes for boys and girls in a fun party atmosphere.

 The Gollatz Cotillion is honored to have personally instructed two of our United States Presidential families.