The Gollatz Cotillion program is a modern Cotillion and manners class with updated instruction to captivate a child’s attention offered to boys and girls third through eighth grade. During the Cotillion class the children are taught good table manners; learn core values and social skills in a fun atmosphere located at the Sterling Hills Golf Club. The older, more mature student will enjoy The Senior Club with Life Skills learning and practicing vital skills to prepare a young person.  For information on the Senior Club with Life Skills please look under the locations page for times and subjects.  


The format of the Gollatz Cotillion is to mimic “real life” scenarios so a child will be prepared to attend a family dinner, a formal reception, a social gathering or just simply how to introduce themselves to someone  with confidence. The Gollatz Cotillion does not consider itself a “dance class” although Cotillion dances will be taught (swing, cha-cha, fox-trot and other fun dances) to complete the social training. Cotillion should be a training base for a child to learn and practice social skills that will benefit them their entire lifetime. Your child will enjoy and have fun at the Gollatz Cotillion! 

Listed are a Few of the Many Manners Taught Throughout the Year

The handshake (social/business) ~ Conversation ~ Direct eye contact ~ Thank you notes ~ Cell phone and gadgets do’s and don’ts(netiquette) ~ How to give a fun, fabulous toast ~ How to be a thoughtful guest ~Correct cutting of food items with a fork and knife ~ How to thank someone ~ Proper posture ~ Dining skills ~ Learning to set a table correctly and so much more.

The Cotillion Registration Grades 2nd - 5th   $259.00 / Five Dates Listed Below 

Senior Club with Life Skills Grades 6th-8th $229.00 see locations page under Camarillo Senior Club & Life Skills

 ~ Welcome to the Gollatz Cotillion ~ The Cotillion will commence with  instruction in the art of conversation, eye contact, the hand shake, basic dining skills and Cotillion style dances. Refreshments are served to the Cotillion students. The standard Cotillion attire is required of all Cotillion members.

 ~ Dining Skills & the Game of Table  Concentration ~ The Cotillion participants will be instructed in the correct form of cutting foods using a fork and knife accompanied with the game of  “table concentration” mixed with Cotillion style dancing. . Light refreshments will be served as the students enjoy and practice their learned skills. The standard Cotillion attire is required of all Cotillion members.

 ~ The Dinner ~  (Third - Fifth Grade From 6:00pm to 7:15pm). A buffet dinner will be prepared and served to all grade levels with dining instruction to complete the evening. The dinner includes a salad, main dish, dinner rolls and a dessert. The standard attire will be required of all Cotillion members. * The dinner will only be served to the Cotillion students. The participants will be separated by grade at the tables. 

Necktie Night ~ The fourth and fifth grade students will have fun learning how to tie a necktie. The second and third graders will have a necktie demonstration, all grades will enjoy the Cotillion style dancing. (The Gollatz Cotillion will supply the instructional neckties).  Refreshments will be served to each Cotillion students..  The standard Cotillion attire is required. 


 ~ Family Night ~ (Third - fifth Grade From 6:00pm to 7:15pm) This special Cotillion evening is intended for the enjoyment and participation of the entire family including siblings. Cotillion attire is required for all in attendance. Light refreshments  will be served to everyone. Senior Club members will not be attending Family Night. 


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Parents and guests are always welcome to stay and observe the Cotillion class if appropriately dressed. During the "dinner event" each student is provided dinner with important instruction. It is asked that siblings remain with a parent and conversations during the instruction are kept to a minimum. The Cotillion dancing is fun and will be a portion of the Cotillion however; the Gollatz Cotillion does not consider itself to be a "dance class". The Gollatz Cotillion recognizes learning and practicing social skills integrated with manners are beneficial to a child that will last their lifetime. The Gollatz Cotillion is not affiliated with other Cotillions in the Ventura area.


The Gollatz Cotillion is a modern, updated “social skills” series of classes for boys and girls in a fun party atmosphere.

The Gollatz Cotillion is honored to have personally instructed two of our United States Presidential families.

The Gollatz ~Modified Manners for 2020 
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