THREE EVENT Mini Cotillion Series

                                                            A Three Event Cotillion Mini Series hosted by the Gollatz Cotillion

                                                  The Series for children who are not able to attend a lengthy Cotillion Season.                                                                                                                                                         

                       The Gollatz Cotillion Mini Series will be hosted at                        

The Morgan Run Resort and Club

5690 Cancha de Golf, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. 92091

                        Instructed by: Mrs. Darcee S. Gollatz - Klapp, Mr. Wilbur P. Klapp III and Mrs. Emma Klapp - Roque                                 


   $258.00 per child 

                                                                     3rd and 4th  Grade:             5:00pm to  6:00pm 

                                                              5th, 6th & 7th Grade:          6:15pm to 7:15pm


Monday, February 28, 2022 ~Welcome ~ The Cotillion program will commence with the instruction in the art of conversation, eye contact and basic dining skills. Individual refreshments will be served to the registered students.*Additional instruction for fifth and sixth grade: how to tie a necktie. Please have your child attend in the required attire.

Monday, March 14, 2022  ~ Social Skills & Place Setting ~ The students will be learning about the place setting and courtesies such as trying a small bite and complementing the food presented. Included in the class will be a fun table game using of all utensils (all of the utensils will be specific to only that child).  Individual refreshments will be served to the registered students *Additional instruction for the fifth and sixth grade: the proper usage of chopsticks and their placement. Please have your child attend in the required attire.

Monday, April 11, 2022  ~ Dinner is Served ~ The Dinner is the Cotillion student's special evening. Dinner will be served  and will be complimented with important dining instructions. If tardy, the Cotillion cannot guarantee the child to be placed near “friends”. A complete dinner will be served to each registered student. Students will be placed according to grades at the tables. Let us put into practice all we have learned! Please have your child attend in the required attire.


What is Cotillion? 

The Gollatz Cotillion is by private invitation/ or email. The program is a modern Cotillion and manners class with updated instruction to captivate a child’s attention offered to boys and girls third through ninth grade. During the Cotillion class the children are taught good table manners; learn core values and social skills. The older, advanced students are challenged with additional instruction suited to their age all in a fun atmosphere. 


The format of the Gollatz Cotillion is to mimic “real life” scenarios so a child will be prepared to attend a family dinner, a formal reception, a social gathering or just simply how to introduce themselves to someone  with confidence. The Gollatz Cotillion does not consider itself a “dance class” although Cotillion dances will be taught (swing, cha-cha, fox-trot and other fun dances) to complete the social training. Cotillion should be a training base for a child to learn and practice social skills that will benefit them their entire lifetime. Your child will enjoy and have fun at the Gollatz Cotillion! 


Listed are a Few of the Many Manners Instructed During the Season 

How to begin and continue a conversation ~ Direct eye contact while speaking to someone ~  How to give a fun toast in front of a crowd ~ How to be a thoughtful guest while attending a function ~ Using a fork and knife correctly (how to hold and use each utensil) and cutting of food items  ~ Learning where each food utensil is located at a place setting (simple or elegant).

Dress Code for Three Event Series: The correct attire is required for all of the event Cotillion meetings. The boys are required to wear a dress shirt, necktie, dress pants, dark socks and dress shoes (no tennis shoes), a suit or blazer is optional. The girls are required to to wear a simple party dress ( to the knee or close to the knee) with a low heel dress shoes and back strap to the shoe (no tennis shoes or sandals).  


 All classes will have distant Cotillion  dancing ( no contact) and distance between each student at the tables.  

All “practice material” will be completely sterilized. 

 Masks (at this time) will be mandated unless seated as per the Morgan Run Resort

White gloves are optional – however they are encouraged.

 Masks and gloves will be available at the check in table as a courtesy

 All instructors are tested and will wear facial coverings.

 No parents, guests or siblings will be allowed in the ballroom. Please take any pictures before entering the building.

 Scheduled Chaperones must adhere to all of the CDC guidelines.

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