The Gollatz Team has postponed all of the scheduled classes due to the California

COVID sliding scale. Once we are able to offer classes indoors with all of the state

and CDC’s guidelines we will begin to offer our programs once again.

Our Sincere Apologies, see you soon!


The Gollatz Programs Proudly Presents

Modified Manners for 2020

Located at the

Indian Wells Country Club, 46000 Club Drive, Indian Wells 92210

Presented by:

                                          Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur P. Klapp III, Directors & Mrs. Emma Klapp- Roque, Instructor


5th - 8th Grade:      5:00pm to 6:15pm



The Modified Manners for 2020 is an in - person updated manners program which will not include dancing or physical contact with others for safety protocol. Our program captivates your child’s attention and will exceed all of the "Stage 2" California guidelines. 

                          Manners Fee $195.00 - $100.00 deposit due now / balance due October 13, 2020

(no exceptions) 

Spaces are extremely limited due to Covid restrictions on capacity and are on a first - come, first - reserved basis.

Listed are a Few of the Many Manners Addressed 

Conversation ~ Direct eye contact ~ Thank you notes ~ Cell phone and gadgets do’s and don’ts ~ Netiquette ~ How to give a fun toast ~ How to be a thoughtful guest ~ Correct cutting of food items with a fork and knife ~ How to thank someone ~ Proper posture ~ Dining skills ~ Learning to set a table correctly and so much more!


**PLEASE READ**REGISTRATIONS ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED due to Covid restrictions on capacity. All manners classes will be held on the terrace (outside). During inclement weather there will be a tent covering and heaters placed outside (a sweater or coat is encouraged). No parents will be allowed to be in the terrace area during the class .  

With California in “phase two” regarding gatherings, to register your child, a deposit of $100.00 will reserve your child’s space in class. If for any reason we are not allowed to gather per a California mandate, your money be fully refunded for any classes that we are not able to fulfill.


Full payment is due by October 13, 2020 with no exception.  The class sizes are extremely limited. When capacity is met, children will be placed on a waitlist in the order received. 


**Please have your child in the required attire at each meeting. Any items given by the Instructor and used by a student will be placed in a sterilized "PERSONAL BAG" and will only be used by that student. Individual light dinners will be served to the students and all perimeters will be sterilized continuously before, during and after the class.  We will enforce 6 foot social distancing and masks must be worn in and out of the building however gloves are optional. Upon entrance to the class, temperatures will be taken on the wrist. A child with a temperature of 100+ degrees will be denied entrance. In addition to all guidelines, hand sanitizing will be practiced at the beginning, during and upon the conclusion of each class.  

                                                      Schedule of Dates 2020

Sunday, October 25, 2020 ~ Welcome to the NEW Manners Class! ~ The instruction will commence with the art of conversation, eye contact, the name tag and basic dining skills. A light dinner will be served only to the registered students with social instruction.

​​Sunday, November 1, 2020 ~  Social Skills & Place Setting ~ The social instruction will include learning the place setting with a fun table game using of all utensils (all of the utensils will be bagged and specific to ONLY that child. The student will take the utensils out and play the game and then place them back in their bag). The students will also be instructed on courtesies such as trying a small bite of the items served  and complementing the food presented. A light dinner will be served only to the registered students.


Sunday, November 15, 2020 ~ Learning the Correct Form of Cutting Food with a Fork & Knife & Thank You Notes- The participants will be instructed in the correct form of cutting foods using a fork and knife, passing items and where the napkin belongs and while having fun, the students will learn how to write a thank you note. A light dinner will be served  only to the registered students.

December 6, 2020 ~ Dinner is Served ~ A light dinner will be served to each registered student. Let us put into practice all we have learned and be ready for the holiday season**  Note: The Gollatz Inc. and the Indian Wells Country Club can accommodate most dietary restrictions however; some are life threatening. It is asked of those families to provide their own food for their child to guarantee the safety and well being of your child. Please contact the Cotillion office to discuss accommodations.


                                                                        You may share this information to invite your friends!


The Gollatz Inc. is a modern, updated “social skills” series of classes for boys and girls in a fun party atmosphere.

 The Gollatz Cotillion is honored to have personally instructed two of our United States Presidential families.

The Gollatz Team has written a new program to meet and exceed all of the California and CDC criteria for safety while your child enjoys learning manners. Some of the many modifications include: one entrance/one exit  /  no congregating / a child will be given a letter and number to correspond to their assigned table / 6 foot social distancing / hand sanitizer on each table / masks mandatory when not seated at a table / gloves may be worn but not required. If your child feels ill PLEASE do not have them attend. A sick child will jeopardize the entire class causing the class to be terminated. Should your child be absent, there will be no refunds however, a “power point” will be emailed to the family so they do not miss the lesson. The Gollatz Cotillion reserves the right to take a child’s temperature on their wrist  upon entrance to the class. If a child becomes ill the family understands that the child will be placed in another area as to not affect the entire class. All measures are to ensure everyone's safety. 

*Waiver and Consent * By the submission of my child’s registration to the Gollatz Cotillion Manners Class, I give my consent for my child to participate in the  Gollatz Cotillion Inc. manners and activities. I am aware that all of the mandated California guidelines will be enforced. I release and hold harmless Gollatz Cotillion, Inc. their employees, officers, directors and agents from any responsibility, claim or liability for harm, injury or illness resulting from my child participating in Gollatz Cotillion, Inc. and/or related to Covid-19.


The Gollatz ~Modified Manners for 2020 
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