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  Gollatz Cotillion Policies if Mandated by the state

of California before Cotillion begins  in the fall....


                                        Changes / Updates and Refund Policy

There have been many changes in our society that have taken place in past years. As the leader in social programs in Southern California, the Gollatz Cotillion moves forward to embrace and instruct a new era of Cotillion.


                                     Listed are some of the policies that will be enforced if mandated:

 Handshakes will not be included however, they will be instructed. We will acknowledge each other with a nod of the head and for the girls an   elbow touch and for the boys a fist bump with direct eye contact stating the students name - we hope hand shakes return one-day.

 All instructors will wear facial coverings ( if mandated).

All students will wear masks - if applicable at the time as updates are changing daily (if mandated).


 Masks are complimentary and will be located at the front check in desk.

 All students will have appropriate distance - distance will be enforced between students (if mandated).

 All students will serve themselves refreshments, plastic gloves will be available if a student chooses to use gloves when

serving themselves refreshments.  

 We will do our best to stagger the  times for the entrance and exit and for check in and leaving.

 All attendees must adhere to all of the CDC guidelines (if mandated)



 The classes will continue as scheduled with or without masked state mandates. If the State of California mandates the Cotillion classes be cancelled, please read the following:

 If the class must be cancelled before the commencing of Cotillion, a full refund will be issued. If the scheduled dates have begun and the class   must be cancelled do to a state mandate, the refund will be prorated.


                                                                              All verbiage is property of the Gollatz Cotillion                                              

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