The Gollatz Team has attended in depth awareness and sensitivity training programs for children. During the training we have learned what must be added to our programs and/or subtracted to remain the leader in today's society. What was acceptable last year at our Cotillion's (example: dancing closer than 6 feet to one another) will not be acceptable in a group setting now.


There have been many changes in our society that have taken place this past year. As the Gollatz Cotillion , we have moved forward to embrace and ready to instruct the new era of Cotillion.


Below are some of the updates:

Handshakes will not be included however, they will be instructed - we hope to have them one day return.

No escort position / right arm across the middle

No seating a "girl" at the table but this will be instructed.

All instructors are tested and will wear facial coverings.

All students will wear masks

All students will be temperature checked before entrance

All students will serve themselves refreshments

Girls will wear gloves in all grades (mandatory).

Staggered times for entrance and exit for check in and leaving.

Chaperones must adhere to all of the  CDC guidelines.



If the class must be cancelled a full refund will be issued. If the scheduled dates have begun and the class must be cancelled the refund will be prorated.

                                                                            All verbiage is property of the Gollatz Cotillion