Refer a Friend(s) to the Gollatz Cotillion


You may compliment the Gollatz Cotillion by networking to "get the word out" with a referral or referrals of children you think would enjoy receiving the Gollatz Cotillion invitation for 2020-2021.

All referrals given will be  part of the invitational sending to so they may be included in the premier Southern California Cotillion.


          The Green Color   BUTTON to the right  is a direct link to the Gollatz Cotillion email.


When Referring a Child to the Gollatz Cotillion Please Include the Following


#1. The child's name and  address   #2. The 2020 grade of the child   #3. The  location of the Cotillion 

#4. Your name to personally thank you for the compliment of the referral(s).

      **  Referrals continue the growth and diversity of the Gollatz Cotillion. The Gollatz Cotillion relies upon the “word of mouth” to maintain the integrity and its uniqueness.  All referrals will be mailed the Cotillion invitation and are greatly appreciated.


          Any  referrals  submitted are kept in strict confidence.

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