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The Gollatz Cotillion Dress Code is Strictly Enforced. Upon registration you agree to the Gollatz Cotillion "Dress Code"

      The Dress Code applies to the Cotillion student, guests and siblings.


A family accepts the Cotillion dress code upon registration. The dress code is for children, parents and guests attending any events.


The dress code will also apply to the dining classes -  Which Fork First? and the Young and Polite dining class, this also includes anyone remaining to observe the class. If a student is in violation of the dress code (example: tennis shoes instead of dress shoes) the child may possibly not be allowed to participate in the Cotillion event for that evening. 


The following are violations in which a child may possibly not be able to participate*** tennis shoes instead of dress shoes for boys / no blazer/ no necktie/leggings under a party dress/sandals and or flip-flops/plunging neck lines / dresses MUST be at least knee length/ dress straps must be 1 inch or more / no visible brazier straps showing.

Enjoying Cotillion

           Girls Dress Code for Cotillion

                          The dress code applies to all Cotillion events.


The girls are required to wear a traditional long or modest length dress in modest appearance and length. Dress straps must be at least 1 inch thick or cover the brazier strap. A bolero (sweater) must be worn to cover the shoulders. Pant leggings under dresses are NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Do the girls wear stockings?  We leave this decision to the parent and young lady, it is not a requirement to wear nylons or tights. Leggings are NOT accepted at the Cotillion under a party dress.


Do the girls wear white gloves? At this time, white gloves are not mandatory,  however If wearing gloves the color or type is a parental decision. 


What about dress shoes for the young ladies? The heel of the shoe should be as low as possible (FYI - a ballet flat is perfect) and must ALWAYS have a back strap. Open-toe shoes with a back strap are acceptable, but not recommended. Sandals of any type are discouraged. A sandal with a strap between the toe is in violation. Tennis shoes are NOT allowed. 


          Boys Dress Code for Cotillion

                          The dress code applies to all Cotillion events.


The boys are required to  wear a suit coat and necktie. A blue blazer and gray trousers (or any color) or pants, such as Dockers or Dickies trousers are acceptable. It is not required for boys to wear a matching suit.


Is a necktie required? Yes, always  a standard necktie will be required and is part of the boys dress attire.

Do I have to keep my suit jacket on all night? Part of good grooming is to remain with the suit jacket on until he at least reaches the car door. Please have your child remained "dressed" with the necktie up towards the collar and the shirt tail is always tucked in until exiting to the outside of the building. 


What about dress shoes for the young gentlemen? Dress or deck shoes are required,  tennis shoes are NOT allowed. 




   Parents, Chaperones, Guests and Siblings

                                 Dress Code


Chaperones, parents and guests will be required to dress for the evening, no blue jeans, tennis shoes or sweats, semi-formal attire is preferred. We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that children are impressionable and it is up to you to set the example. Please note some venues, in addition to the Cotillion dress code, have a stricter  code which includes no cell phone usage within the club.






                Dress Code for Senior Club Life Skills  

Girls: A simple, modest dress with a low heel her shoes.

Boys: A dress shirt ( long or short sleeve), necktie and dress pants. A blazer or suit coat is not required, it is an option. 


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