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The Gollatz Senior Club & Life Skills

7th-11th Grade Students / Girls and Boys


 Hosted at

The La Canada Country Club

5500 Godbey Drive, La Canada, CA. 91011


7:00pm to 8:00pm / Class Fee $358.00


Presented by The Gollatz Team

Mrs. Darcee S. Gollatz-Klapp & Mr. Wilbur P. Klapp III ~ Owners and Directors 

Mrs. Emma Klapp-Roque ~ Director​

The Senior Club & Life Skills is the perfect program created for young adults who want to improve their social skills. Experienced instructors lead engaging discussions and activities that encourage the development of key life skills and values. Designed for grades seventh through eleventh, our program emphasizes practical skills and real-life scenarios to help students succeed in all aspects of life.


Join us today and experience the difference that Life Skills can make!

2024 - 2025 Schedule of Dates

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 ~ Social Instruction: Introducing yourself to others can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn't have be! Let's learn about a friendly smile, confident handshake and mastering conversations with small talk and body language; the importance to hold direct eye contact; wearing your name tag correctly and placed in a visible location; and bad guest vs. good guest behavior. This comprehensive class has got your child covered! Join us for an evening of Cotillion style dancing (if time permits). Refreshments will be served, please note the required Senior Club Dress Code.

Tuesday, October 15, 2024 ~ Social Instruction: Expect an evening of fun as everyone learns how to sew on a button, and "work" a room while social networking: What to wear with the emphasis on the importance of presenting oneself well. Do your socks match? Is your hair combed? Are your clothes wrinkled? Are you underdressed for the occasion? If time permits, this evening may include Cotillion style dancing. Refreshments will be served. Please note the required Senior Club Dress attire. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, November 19, 2024 ~ Social Instruction: Join us for an evening of refinement as we teach proper table setting and utensil placement; correct use of fork and knife including chop sticks; suggested tipping; surcharges; debit cards; and hidden fees. The night may also feature Cotillion-style dancing. Refreshments will be served. Please note the required Senior Club Dress Code.


Tuesday, December 17, 2024 ~ Social Instruction:  The Dinner Finale is an exciting event where students will have the opportunity to learn expanded dining skills for this special occasion and possibly if time permits enjoy Cotillion style dancing. In life, your family and guests will appreciate your young adult's effort with their newly learned skills. Please note the required Senior Club Dress Code.

​​Prior Cotillion class attendance is NOT required to join the Senior Club


*Dress Code for the Senior Club & Life Skills Series

Girls: A modest dress or pant outfit with low heels. Please no dresses that are more than three inches above the knee.

         Boys: Dress shirt, necktie and nice pants (a blazer is optional)

  • No blue jeans, t-shirts, sandals or tennis shoes for either the girls or boys.

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The Gollatz Cotillion & Manners Program

            (909) 880-8654 ~ E-mail: ~Web:


We take great pride in our distinguished alumni, including two United States Presidential families who have been personally instructed by the Gollatz Cotillion. Our fun and engaging social skills series is designed to teach children the importance of manners, courtesy, and communication. Our experienced instructors work closely with each student to build confidence and develop strong social skills that will last a lifetime. 


**The Gollatz Team can accommodate most dietary restrictions however, some dietary restrictions are life threatening. It is asked of the families with children who

have severe food restrictions that you provide their personal food items as this guarantees the safety and well - being of your child. Please contact the office to discuss food/meal accommodations. **

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