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The Gollatz Cotillion & Social Programs

Cordially invites your child to attend

The Young and Polite Dining Class

A class in simple dining etiquette for young children.

5 years old through 2nd grade/girls and boys

To be held at: The Tustin Ranch Golf Club, 12442 Tustin Ranch Road, Tustin 

Personally directed by The Gollatz Team of Instructors

 Date:  Monday, March 4, 2019   

    Time: 5:00pm to 6:15pm         /    $48.00, dinner is included* 


The deadline to respond is February 15, 2019 or until the class is filled. Due to the nature of the class, registrations will not be accepted after the deadline date. No refunds will be given to children that are absent the day of the class or after the deadline date of February 15, 2019 as this is a catered event.


*The dinner will include an appetizer, soup, fruit cup, sorbet, main entree, dinner rolls and dessert.


The Young and Polite dining class exposes a child to a variety of simple dining skills with a complete plated dinner served to each child. Proper instruction during each course of the dinner is designed for the younger aged child and is instructed in a positive, elegant atmosphere. The Young and Polite dining class will delight yet instruct your child in basic dining skills such as: the table setting, napkin placement, giving a  toast, cutting foods using a fork and knife, buttering a dinner roll, conversation and introductions.


{ Parents are encouraged to observe the class or be in close visual contact }


Dress Code: The girls are required to wear a simple party dress or nice pant outfit. The boys are required to wear a dress shirt and nice trousers, a blazer or suit coat is not required.


 *If your child has special needs, diet, allergies, and religious beliefs or requests a vegetarian meal please note this on the registration form. Requests cannot be granted if prior notice has not been received.


 You may forward this invitation so your child's friends may be invited!

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