The Gollatz  Team of Directors
 Mrs. Darcee Gollatz - Klapp  & Mr. Wilbur P. Klapp  
 Mrs.  Emma Klapp - Roque
Linda Bourke - Office Manager 
Detective Floyd Blue & Sargent James - Self Defense  
See slide show above for pictures of the Gollatz Cotillion
Specializing in a modern format with an updated
instructional approach for today's child.
*Children's Social Training
* Social Skills  * Table Manners
* NEW- Senior Club Life Skills for Success


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Klapp: Thank you for the wonderful experience, it was a  lot of fun and now I know how to tie a neck tie. Sincerely, A. Barrinero


The Klapp's: Thank you for being nice to me, I will always remember my dinner manners. Your Friend. L. Aguillara


Mrs. Roque: You are so kind to everyone, you made me feel comfortable at the Cotillion. C. Romeau


Dear Mr. and Mrs Klapp: Thank you for teaching my Cotillion class. I will use what you taught me through my life. My favorite dance was the box step. It was fun to share what I learned with my parents. I appreciate your time and your efforts. Sincerely, C. Walker

The Klapp Team: The new Life Skills class was awesome! I learned how to sew on a button, use chop sticks, understand the place setting and Detective Blue was really cool for the self defense class that I can use my whole life. G. Gilliam


Dear Gollatz: We are so excited to be joining Cotillion with you. M. Moor

To the Klapp Family of Director's: This has been our fourth child instructed by you and your family. Thank you, we have always been  thrilled to be part of your program. Sincerely,  The James Family

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Klapp: What a gift to help others learn the art of social graces. We look forward to another fantastic year. Fondly, Mrs. M. McCale

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